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Your solution to your process development problems.

At R&D Enterprises, we offer a range of products used for bio-process manufacturing in the New England Region and parts of New York state. Our sales team has the experience and range of products necessary to help with all your needs. Call or email today to get in touch with our team and to learn more about what we have to offer.

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Featured Products

Deployable Process Carts

Non-Metallic Solutions has designed their deployable carts with clean room space utilization and modulability in mind. The deployable peg cart can be used to store a variety of process equipment from hoses, pumps, valves, and filters, in countless different possible configurations.


Single Use
Small Parts

ARTeSYN Biosolutions has developed a unique product to replace traditional stainless steel small part connectors in virtually any geometry. Through the use of patented exo-skeleton design, customers can have the benefits of higher pressure at the cost of non-braided silicone.

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EZ BioPac

The EZ BioPac from ILC Dover is the leading powder handling and transfer system designed to be used for biopharmaceutical powders, unlike earlier systems that were adapted from liquid handling bags.


Meet The Team

Dave Geller



Eric Geller

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Who We Are

R&D Enterprises services the Biopharmaceutical, Chemical ,Polymer and Academic markets with:

•    Innovative single use technology 
•    Traditional stainless steel products 
•    Process Analytical and Material Characterization  Instrumentation. 

Through our team of established manufacturers and distributors we are able to identify the right products to fit the application, providing outstanding value for our clients. 

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